Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 28: Cake! An interview with Steve Mason! An interview with Jack Locke! The poet who says: don't become a baker, do something else!

Jack Locke is an old friend who has baked in many different settings for many years.
Jack Locke is also a fabulous poet. We talked about baking for money, and love. Jack read some poems about baking. Its great!

Steve Mason is sometimes Red Velvet Cake. Steve Mason is sometimes apple pie. It just dependes. I interviewed Steve about decadence, cake, and identity. Steve is the tech coordinator at CFRU, and a great, thoughtful, eloquent speaker.

Steve emailed me a recipe for his favorite cake these days, red velvet cake.
Check it out, at

here's what steve says about this recipe:

"The only thing that I have trouble remembering to buy from the ingredients list is buttermilk.

The white cream cheese icing is important. It gives the whole cake a different persona. It's kind of fleshy actually."

next week: 100 butches with Elisha Lum!

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