Saturday, May 9, 2009

March 12: Cecilia, Helene, Jasmine, and I discuss ‘Identity Crisis: Punk Community and Subculture” a zine edited by Jen Lorang

Jen Lorang's 'Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community' is a zine I would love to have 100 copies of all the time. And just hand it out to people at shows, at work, at my house. It seemed to come at a very good time in my life, and in the lives of our friends.

Its a zine that compiles many interviews, and beautiful portraits of the people being interviewed about what Punk Culture and Punk Community means to them, and has meant to them in the past. There are many discussions about RiotGrrl, disability and identity, sexual assault, patriarchy, queer identity, and spirituality.

On 'These Things That People Make' we had a panel of 3 folks who live here in Guelph with various relationships to punk: Cecilia, Helene and I, and we were joined over the phone with Jasmine from Halifax, who had originally introduced me to the zine.

We discuss what resonated for us about the zine. The relationship the images had to the interviews, racism and sexism in punk communities, and what we appreciate about DIY and Punk ideas.

It seemed fitting to have a group of people discuss a zine that is very much about bringing people together to talk in depth about our experiences with the culture and language of Punk stuff. What we love. What we want to keep, and what we are frusterated with.

You can find 'Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community' at various zine libraries all over the place. I ordered my copy online, at Microcosm Publishing:

Let me know if you want a copy of this episode of 'These Things that People Make! I'd love to send it to you!'

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