Sunday, May 10, 2009

March 26: Kerri and Chelle talk about "Nailbiter: an Anxiety Zine"

'Nailbiter: An Anxiety Zine' was my zine catch of last year's Montreal Anachist Bookfair. My favorite. Its precious material, and composition as well as smart vulnerable useful content is essential heartbreaking and heartwarming. I love it. I love this zine. And after talking with Kerri and Chelle about it in this interview, I got more excited for the new issue thats being put together right now.

Kerri and Chelle do a really good job in this interview, of laying out their process. They talk about the lack of resources for folks who have anxiety, and their desire to make a really beautiful zine compilation discussing anxiety. You should really just listen to the interview. (just ask, and i will mail you a copy!)

We sat down on their couch in their apartment in Montreal, and I held a copy of the zine between us. There were cats running around.

Kerri and Chelle are both eloquent, honest and charming. They do good work. They are a part of the St Emile Skillshare.
Check it out:

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