Friday, May 15, 2009

May 14: Messy Baby! Messy Dog! An interview with Sarah Evans and Julie Hartley

Two sisters made a split zine about simple, make-able meals for Dogs and Babies. In this interview Sarah and Julia told me about the recent trend of fancy dog food and babyfood recipe books, and Sarah and Julie's share more reasonable recipes. We talk about why it makes sense to make baby food and dog food instead of buying it, and tricks to get your baby or dog to eat food they don't like. (yet)

This zine was completed in July 2008 as part of the 24 hour zine challenge at the Anchor Archive Zine Library in Halifax.
To find out more about the zine challenge, the zine library, or to order a copy of 'messy baby messy dog!' check out

you can also order copies of the zine from Learning to Leave a Paper Trail Distro at

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Next Episode: An interview about Moosewood Cookbooks!

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