Friday, June 12, 2009

June 4: Elisha's 100 Butches! An interview with Elisha Lim

oh dear dear dear, Elisha is so great! I met with her in Toronto. She tells the history of the beginning of her project: 100 Butches.

We talked about her comic style, and process. We talked about the nuances, and limits of the word butch. We talked about how what she originally wanted to acheive through the project has changed. We talked about the gay-stream main stream, and how Elisha's idea of her audience has changed.

I think her work is really important, as a historical, and continually relevant archival project. As a hot, great conversational art piece that holds up a mirror, crumples it up, and lays it out in a series of bright, personal, and realistic portraits. I love it, and it was a joy to meet her. Buy the book when it comes out.

Check out the archives at cfru to hear the interview at or email me and i'll send you an audio copy of the interview!

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Find her on No More Potlucks at

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  1. This is my new favorite episode - the beard one (oh, and the one with the guy who wrote that kid's book) were my previous favorites :D

    - Zac