Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17 and Feb 24 2011: Allyson Mitchell Part 1 AND 2 !!! Serious Discussions of Unignorable Unappoolgetic Loud Fat Feminist Queer Craft.

To listen to the FIRST PART of the interview, visit:

To listen to the SECOND PART: of the interview:

Allyson Mitchell confronts Fake Rainbow Unity.

Confronting the social lie of (gay, lesbian, queer) acceptance. The liberal desire for us to shut up, and be the quietest smallest gay person possible.

I biked to Allyson Mitchell's house after I applied for a job wearing a grown up coat I borrowed from my roomate. I felt like I was in Adulthood Drag in this coat. I felt uneasy. I wanted my big brownish grey coat my lesbian superstar aunt Elizabeth gave me.

Drinking tea with Allyson Mitchell in her kitchen was the perfect remedy for the uneasy feelings I had previously experienced caused by the boring adult coat.

Acutally, who cares about the coat. I mean,i did feel better about myself and my silly coat after interviewing Allyson Mitchell but the coat: Who Cares? Allyson's work is way more meaningful and haunting and needed than that story about the coat. There is something (or many things) aesthetically comforting and inspiring and bad ass and it reminds you of home an is giving all the harmful things of life the finger at the same time.


Allyson Mitchell makes craft/art that is impossible to ignore. It is unappologetically loud and bright and comforting and explicit and lesbionic. I love it.

Watch out for her Lesbian Feminist Haunted House that Nuit Blanche Toronto (last year) claimed was TOO BIG to accommodate.

Check out her stuff:

To listen to the FIRST PART of the interview, visit:

To listen to the SECOND PART: of the interview:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 10, 2011: The Arrow Archive, and Erin's Top 11 Zines

Listen to the interview here:

The Arrow Archive Zine Library has recently moved from the Sky Dragon Centre in Hamilton to the Guelph Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity, room 107 in the University Centre on the University of Guelph Campus.

The Arrow Archive's Founder, Erin hung out with me in my office at CFRU and told me the history of the archive, and reccomended her top 11 zines. (I asked for her top 10, and she brought 11! I love that shit).

Here are her reccomendations:

1. Cooking With Surplus -n- Excess: by Sy Loady

2. Coloring Book for the Broken hearted by Sy Loady

3.If Death Comes by Todi

4. Infiltration

5. Xerography Debt

6. Ring of Fire

7. One a Day

8. The Fence

9. The Worst

10. S/He's got Labe

11. Invisible Invaders #4

Listen to the radio show to hear Erin's descriptions of the zines, and why she loves them.

Erin also discussed the rad zines she makes My Life in Clip Art, Evidence: Mixtape in Paper, and Fag Punk, and what it takes to make a good quality zine.

Also, check out:

For more about the Arrow Archive visit: and/or email:

Send the archive mail! Thats the Best!

arrow archive
box 183
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 6J6

For more information about the Guelph Resource Centre on Gender Empowerment and Diversity visit:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 3: Girls to the Front. an interview with Sara Marcus

In our phone interview, Sara Marcus, excellent author of Girls to the Front and I talked for over an hour. She told me the story of collecting interviews from over 130 people for this archival Riot Grrl Project. The story of struggling to tell the story in her own words, the complicated and important story, stories of Riot GRRL.

I highly recommend this book,whether or not you have history with Riot Grrl (yet).

After talking to Sara, I've started actively looking for allies the projects I wished existed in the world. In particular: explicit support in Guelph for loud girl/women bands.

you can listen to the interview by going here:

check out the book: