Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nov. 25, 2010: Elisha Lim: The Illustrated Gentleman Calendar

Elisha Lim and I sat in their bedroom and recorded this interview about the Illustrated Gentleman Calendar. This is a calendar that I am really excited about. It hangs between my bed and my bedroom door at eye level. A perfect place for a sexy hand drawn calendar about fashion strategy.

Elisha is extremely charming, and talented and a great dresser. Also a really insightful writer. I want to dwell on that for a second. Elisha has a really wonderful poetic way with words, and that makes interviews with Elisha and reading Elisha's work so remarkable and great. Great drawings, yes, but also fantastic word combinations, that should not go under-complimented.

The illustrated Gentlemen walks you through the whole year, trying on clothes in places we could never afford, lingering in stores and trying on hot clothes (and looking so good) while the staff are often rude or hostile - because they don't think Elisha and their friend should be shopping in the men's section.

Its a calendar where we learn about Elisha's interactions with friends, family and inspiration (this sentance is really cheesy, but its true!!!) and learn style tips. Its also about more than that.

Its a great concept, and a great thing.

Now get yourself to the men's section dressing room, or wherever you dream of shopping, with the best things you can find.

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