Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan. 6, 2011: The re-airing of the fabulous Dave End

Dave End changed my life in a significant fashion. That would be a big thing to write about here in this blog. I'm not normally so personal. Ever since I played that talk with Linda Barry I just want to type whatever comes into my brain. Its an interesting urge to interact with as I write these blog posts.

Dave End and I did a phone interview about a year ago.

I know him because onetime he played a show in a kitchen in Griffentown, Montreal, and the place was filled with straight skinny white indie rock boys and we bitched about it outside on the street. Actually Dave was talking about how the show made him feel and I was understanding. The next day Dave and 3 of his friends and me and a baby had a picnic in the park.

When we returned from the park, Dave sat on the couch in the livingroom of the house I was babysitting in, and talked about wanting to play shows specifically for queer youth. At the time I was setting up a lot of shows in tiny to small venues. It had never occured to me to play a show especially for queer youth. I looked at him, sitting on the couch, and said I would set it up.

We chose a very difficult weekend for the show. It was Pop Montreal. Pop Montreal is a festival with way too many indie rock bands not getting paid enough all playing in too many venues all over Montreal at the same time. Needless to say, there was a lot of competition that night. It was really hard to find a venue, and in the end, my dear friend Liam Michaud arranged for us to play in the daycare where he worked at the time at the Green Centre. It was not an easy to find location at all. It was tucked away, on the edge of Westmount, on third floor. All the logistics came together just a few days before the show. Dave was going to drive all the way from New York City. Some of my friends in Queer Concordia did an amazing job of promoting the show. They made presentations in their classes and handed out flyers. I gave a workshop with my buddy Judy about Homocore music at project 10 in some kind of connection to the show.

When the show actually happened, it was full of people I'd never met. What a great feeling. We'd managed to fill the space, and the show itself felt like magic.

Dave and I ended up going on a few tours together after that. We'll go on more.

Driving for hours with Dave End is one of my favorite things to do in the world. He uses words so well.

Okay. I should probably tell you a bit about this interview in particular. Dave End is an amazing seamstress, in addition to being a very captivating performer. A year ago we did a phone interview where day talked about constituting your own reality through sewing your own stuffed animals.

We talked about fat activism and sewing your own clothes and sewing images,feelings, and comforts you want around you.

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