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Dec. 2, 2010 : Call For Submissions Show

Every so often I host a show where I read exciting call for submissions to you on the air, hoping to inspire you to get involved and write things! Here's the call for submissions I focused on during this show:

1. Awkward Sex 'Zine

Sex can be awkward. Even women who feel sexually confident and powerful have at least one awkward sexual tale to tell. But what makes sex awkward? How does awkward sex make us feel? How do we deal with that awkwardness? We're looking for stories and artwork from women of all sexualities that deal with these themes (and/or others). 

Identifying details about people should be changed to protect their privacy. Please include a short bio & use a pseudonym if you wish! 

Deadline: Dec 15, 2010

2. Signals: A Radio Zine needs submissions!

DJ Frederick is issuing a call for submissions for the 2011 issue of Signals: A Radio Zine. Looking for personal essays that involve radio related topics, interviews, and articles about any and all aspects of shortwave listening, free / pirate radio stations, community radio, low power radio and the “underground” era of FM radio. Radio related music, cd, or book reviews welcomed. Artwork, fiction, poetry and any unusual topics are appreciated as well. Please limit to 1,000 words. Send submissions to:

3. CompZine about Bras, looking for submissions:
Possible things to write about:
-first bra, favourite bra, why you love/hate bras
-bra washing tips, bra fashion tips
-historical facts/essays about bras
-where you buy bras and why
-dealing with having an odd bra size
-to wear a bra, or not to wear a bra?
-any interesting personal story relating to bras, bra shopping
-have you ever been professionally fitted for a bra?
-if you’re a male, what do you think about bras?
-comics and artwork! (please note the zine will be black and white photocopies and 1/2 sized)
Please send submissions/questions to: petitspoissons AT and put BRA ZINE in the subject line.
No fixed deadline…as soon as I have enough material I will print the zine.
Elizabeth J. M. W.

4. Riot Grrl

i'm finally putting pen to paper to create another (but new nonetheless) riot grrrl zine. i'm after submissions from all riot grrrls and boys anywhere in the world!

here's what i'm looking for:

articles/stories on any of the below topics:

* how you first discovered riot grrrl
* what riot grrrl means to you
* how riot grrrl has helped you and your grrrlfriends
* how has riot grrrl/feminism changed the world in your point of view
* important issues that still need to be fixed
* grrrl love
* stomping out grrrl hate
* being a grrrl in the punk rock scene

riot grrrl manifestas



cd/book reviews

grrrl bands in your area (if possible, include link to their site/myspace/facebook/etc.)

you're also welcome to include photos of you and your grrrlfriends to accompany your articles/stories!

all submissions can be sent to:

deadline for issue #1 - 15th Jan 2011

thankyou :)


Pitches due December 3, 2010; first draft due January 7, 2010


is a radical journal published twice a year by a pan-Canadian
collective of activists and organizers. We are dedicated to publishing
radical theory and analysis about struggles against capitalism,
imperialism, and all forms of oppression.

In our first ten issues, we've published articles by and interviews
with renowned activists and intellectuals, including Aijaz Ahmad,
Himani Bannerji, Grace Lee Boggs, Ward Churchill, Michael Hardt,
John Holloway, Sunera Thobani, Andrea Smith, and many more.

We have covered a wide variety of topics including Palestine solidarity
activism, trans politics and anti-capitalism, anti-war activism, Indigenous
solidarity, contemporary feminist organizing, and activist burnout.

In every issue, activists and organizers reflect on the state of
contemporary organizing in Canada and beyond. We publish theoretical
and critical articles, interviews and roundtables. UPPING THE ANTI
also includes a book review section where activists assess new writing
on the Left.


We are currently looking for story ideas for ISSUE TWELVE, which will
be released in APRIL of 2011. If you have an idea for a story you
would like to see published in our journal, please send us a one page pitch
by Sunday, December 3, 2010. In addition to the pitch, please submit a short
writing sample (max 1,000 words).

In your pitch, please provide a brief description of the topic of your
investigation, your main questions, an account of how you will address
these questions, as well as a brief biographical note.

Before submitting a pitch, we encourage you to read back issues in
order to familiarize yourself with the kind of writing that we
publish. We also encourage you to have a look at the UPPING THE ANTI
writer's guide, which can be downloaded at

Pitches should be for original stories that have not been submitted or
published elsewhere. Please do not send us a pitch that you have
simultaneously sent to another publication.

Although we will consider all pitches, we are especially interested in
stories about the current economic crisis, contemporary labour organizing,
feminism and women's struggles, dis/ability, international solidarity work,
mobilization strategies, marxism and anarchism in the 21st Century, activist
interventions in art and culture, and struggles around questions of sex and

We will review your pitch and provide you with feedback. After a pitch
has been approved, writers are expected to submit their story by deadline.

Deadline for first drafts for ISSUE TWELVE is January 7, 2011.

Please submit all pitches and direct all queries to

6. Calls for submissions

The Toronto quarterly issue #7

Send us your BEST poetry (4-6 poems), short stories (1-2 stories max, 500-3000 words), artwork, and photographs. We prefer that you copy and paste your poetry into the body of your email or send as ONE attachment in word.doc format. Send ALL short story submissions as a word doc. attachment. Any poetry or short story submissions sent as multiple attachments or not in word.doc will NOT be read.

If you have a novel/poetry book, a poetry/music cd or dvd that you're interested in having us review, please email us your query to thetorontoquarterly@hotmai with REVIEW REQUEST typed into the subject box. BOOK and MUSIC REVIEWS submitted will be considered for publication.

Send us your ARTWORK and PHOTOGRAPHY. Send in high resolution (jpeg file). We will consider all artwork submitted for the COVER of TTQ7.

ALL SUBMISSIONS should contain a short biography (5-6 lines MAX) stating town/city you reside in, previous publishing accomplishments, educational background if so desired. Please DO NOT send us a novel about yourself. Make it interesting and promote your books and/or webpages if desired.

PLEASE: ONE submission per issue. Multiple submissions will NOT be read. Be sure to send us your BEST work the first time or wait until the following issue to submit again.

We DO NOT publish previously published works.


ALL RIGHTS and COPYRIGHT upon publication in TTQ7 remains with the author.

PAYMENT: Each contributor to TTQ7 will receive a FREE e-book of TTQ7 as payment. It will be emailed to the contributor as a pdf file.

ALL SUBMISSIONS should be emailed to: thetorontoquarterly@hotmai


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