Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 25: (B)(b)erlin: a photo project! By Aaron Mangle! Lets talk about Shortcuts!

For the last 3 weeks I have been interviewing my brother about cities and art. This is the last (for now) of my interviews with my brother. Aaron photographed 100 shortcuts in halifax with poloroid film. He was thinking about how we all work together to make short cuts, without even talking about it. We make these paths on the ground.
He made a book called "100 Shortcuts". In this interview Aaron talks about what shortcuts do as metaphors. And practically what it means. A place between to points that are meant to be traveled on.... meant to be separated by space. Thinking about political histories and how walls, fences and shortcuts show up in city histories.
Aaron went to Berlin on a scholarship art project last fall... starting his project by looking for shortcuts, as a way of showing a city that had been so significantly divided, now joined by shortcuts. The project changed a bunch once he got there.Listen to the interview to hear his good smart voice, and all the things he says. Contact me for a copy of the show :, or visit the archives at

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