Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11 and June 18: Cities and Art. Art Bikers. Aaron Mangle. a great interview! Part 1 and 2

Aaron Mangle is my great brother who does lots of exciting things.
Here is one of them. Aaron Mangle has been working with Art Bikers in Halifax for the first 3 summers. Aaron Mangle talks about the beginning of the art biker project, a mobile art and community building project.

This year, the Art Bikers project that Aaron is involved in is based primarily in Bayers Westwood. Aaron describes the neighbourhood. Aaron talks about how Bayers Westwood situates itself in Halifax.

In Part One of the our interview (June 11) Aaron speaks of a tension and challenge involved in working in a neighbourhood not his own, and the negotiation of his priviligde to come and go. The negotiation of personal/professional boundaries. We talked the limits of printing pamphlets about information, or websites, how that is not enough. How you need to meet people face to face, and spend time with them, to really meet people, and do things together that mean anything.

I found this interview particularly interesting because i kept changing out how i thought about what Aaron was saying. He is talking about a subject he has obviously thought a lot about and it shows.

In Part Two of our interview (June 18) We talked a lot about the words CRAFT and ART. Its going for me to some up all the nuances of what we talked about, so it might be best for you to listen to this episode to really get a sense of what we talked about. We talked about kids being given crap for art materials, and doing projects that are mostly invidualized. Aaron talked about the shifting focus of art bikers' projects from individual art projects (using a lot of crappy craft supplies) to collective projects, using cardboard and other materials to create collective projects, but that they were still perscriptive, and Art Bikers' shift to incorporating traditions of craft and skill into their projects. We also talked about the different assumptions of importance placed on Fine Art, as opposed to craft, how those things are tied to specific mediums... and the limits of that.

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