Friday, March 25, 2011

March 24, 2011: Pet Calendars, and 24 Zine Challenges with one of my favorites.


This is an interview with the fabulous Sarah Evans who is the co-founder of the Anchor Archive Regional Zine Library found on cute little Roberts Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I first met Sarah Evans in Halifax at a show at the One world Cafe, or at Scuzin's, Capp Larson's temporary diner, or at a porch party. I don't totally remember. OH YEAH. I actually do remember: I met Sarah Evans through one of her zines about farming. I read the zine in the grainery, 10 years ago, and then I borrowed my friend Shan's bike, and biked in the critical mass friday evening bike ride, and I saw Sarah there, hanging out with Caleb, another future friend who I thought I would never been cool enough to talk to. Caleb had taken apart his bike to paint it, but then was having trouble putting it back together.

I told Sarah I liked her zine. I was aware of having a zine awe-struck crush on her. I rode Shan's bike, and I thought: how do I even talk to these cool people?

And THEN,about 5 years later, somehow I met her again, on a porch or at a show, probably through Capp, or Sonia, and Sarah invited me to come do a zine residency and live in the little shed, and I did.

Sarah Evans just does great things, she's one of those people that does rad things all the time, and is all walk, not talk, and Halifax is a great location for that kind of behaviour. One of those really neat, heart warming, beautiful projects is the PET CALENDAR, that had been taking place for the last six years.

Listen to this interview to hear all the details, and loveliness of the Pet Calendar, and to also hear about 24 Zine Challenges

Listen by pasting this URL into your browswer:

Contact Sarah, and learn more about the Anchor Archive, and the Roberts Street Social Centre:

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