Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 31, 2011: What Makes an Object Queer? An interview with Jamie Q

Jamie Q and I lived in Montreal at the same time. Jamie is one of those people who - when we bumped into each other we always had awesome conversations, although we never succeeded in making plans and following through on scheduled hang outs. I remember once we made a plan to climb the mountain, but that never happened, which is also okay.

And then, a year and a half ago, we were both out in Halifax at the same time. I was there attending Camp Out, a rural Queer intergenerational activist history camp at the Mermaid and the Cow Campground in Pictou County, and she was working on an impressive hyper active mutiple colour screen printing book with James Kirkpatrick at the Ink Storm Screenprinting collective at the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax.

I walked up the narrow stairs that hide in the kitchen and there she was sitting on the hard green couch. I was delivering my friend Jake a rock I had gotten from the Lawrencetown beach.

Its great to bump into old art friends in familiar places always, but it was especially awesome to bump into Jamie, because she is especially awesome.

And then, you know, thank god for facebook. I don't know that I would know about Jamie Q's latest projects it it wasn't for facebook. But please oh please, please please please please check out Jamie's amazing website and look at all the Gorgeous things she has made!

Her website address is:

and THEN, while you're looking at all that amazing shit,

copy this address into your web browser:



Metaphors for how we talk about the body. Making abstract objects. The language we use.
The beauty of the book.

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