Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 9, 2010: Debbie Power is the Happiest

Debbie Power created the International House of the Happy Face above her Husband's Garage in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.Debbie is geniunely happy. Not fake. Not over the top in personality, but definitely over the top in collections. Her mueseum is a challenge to describe with any accuracy. She has shelves and shelves of toys and objects of ALL kinds that have happy faces on them, albums with images of happy faces. Thousands of happy faces. She has a garden filled with rocks she has painted with quotes to inspire happiness. Debbie Power and her International House of the Happy Face are truly unique and amazing. I'll be back to visit her again for sure. Find her at 22 Wentworth St. Call to make an appointment: (902) 463-6287

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