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Sept 23m 2010: The Calls for Submissions Show!

OMG! So many great projects happening! Check these out and get to work!

1. Studio 303 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : Edgy Women
Deadline : October 1st 2010
Studio 303's annual feminist fiesta presents a programme of politicised, experimental, and playful performance and workshops, lectures.
Edgy Women presents performance work with a feminist flavour by emerging and established professional artists of any gender. While the festival spotlights work by women, we are keen to show work which whether overtly or not, addresses contemporary and ever-evolving issues around gender and/or feminism.
Edgy highlights new artistic practices, non-verbal expression, and content-driven work. For artists who have not yet presented work at Edgy, we recommend that you submit finished pieces vs. new creations. Honourariums are paid, but there is no budget at this time for travel or hosting expenses. The La Centrale program is by invitation this year, but we are accepting submissions for the following 4 categories :
-Edgy Cabaret (Sala Rossa, March 19): 5-7 min. works in a bar atmosphere);
-Tangente programme (stage work, March 24-27): 15 to 30 min. works, dance-friendly venue;
-Mainline (stage work, March 30-April 1): 40 min. to 1h piece (important : the MainLine has a cement floor, audience on 3 sides and a low ceiling) ;
-Edgy Boum (Mainline, April 2nd): party with performances or installations (mostly interactive site-specific performances)
How to apply
We must receive your submisson by the deadline by email including the following documents:
- MANDATORY : application form
- Biography (max. 1 page)
- Project Description (max. 1 page)
- Link to an online video and viewing notes. NO DVDs ACCEPTED.
Please send your submissions by EMAIL ONLY at
Note : We aim to give an answer within 3 months after the deadline.
On the edge of arts, disciplines and gender politics, Edgy Women (is) Studio 303's annual celebration of boundary-pushing artists.
- Lina Harper, Montreal Mirror, March 2009
Audacious entertaining art.
- Hour, March 2009
Runs the gamut from video and performance to intervention, installation, theatre and dance. Or, most often, a hybrid of all possible forms.
- Montreal Mirror, March 2009
Studio 303
372 Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montreal, Qc, H3B 1A2 514.393.3771,

2 .Polyamory and Patriarchy Zine Questionnaire

These questions are for a zine I’m writing about polyamory and patriarchy. So often, people feel either that polyamory is the only revolutionary way to be intimate, or the worst way. I’d like to hear what you’ve learned from polyamory – ways it felt liberatory, and ways it may have felt like familiar oppressive gender roles dressed up in revolutionary language. My agenda isn’t to discredit polyamory, but to identify how much we have to learn about truly liberatory relationships.
These questions are fairly personal and ask you to revisit some painful memories, so please take your time, answer only what you feel comfortable answering, and let me know how you want your anonymity protected. Please use pseudonyms! Do give me contact info, though, if you want to review how I use your material before the zine is published. Please send your stories to:, or mail them to 4951 Catharine St., Philadelphia, PA 19143.

(you can read the questions at:

3. It’s Down to This” is a new zine compilation that aims to give space to step back, take a deep breath and reflect on where we’re at.

Reflecting on our experiences with community accountability processes, survivor support, or general efforts to cultivate community response to sexual violence- this is a space to talk about our experiences with this work, what we have learned, where we want to go from here, what we feel, what we want others to be able to hear, see, think about, engage with.

It is an attempt to further give voice to our efforts and experiences in doing this work, to give space and voice to silence. To know and hear how we have survived in this work, how we have sustained this work, or why we burned out. To further document our attempts at figuring out what community accountability looks like, or what it even is. To be able to reflect and grow from our mistakes and epiphanies.

SEEKING: stories, essays, interviews, comics, artwork and thoughts reflecting on working around accountability and community response to sexual violence:

What has it looked like? What has it entailed? What could it look like? Who does it involve? In what ways? How is a community responsible? How is a community involved? What can an accountability process look like? What has it looked like? What works? What doesn’t? What were the fuck-ups, the successes?

*These questions are asked with the assumption that confidentiality will be respected and that stories will not be shared if they are not yours to share.

*The word ‘community’ is used with the awareness that it is often used problematically.

Looking for submissions that:

- explore the importance of accountability and support work as an act of community building and collective liberation, that express the importance of this work within social justice movements.

-reflect on the support, empowerment, recovery and growth that have come out of this work

-reflect on the pain, trauma and frustration of this work or which is inherent in this work.

-develop ideas and methods of sustainability around this work

-look at the social and political contexts in which community accountability and response to sexual violence and partner abuse grows and exists.

-share our stories

Anonymity and confidentiality will be respected.

DEADLINE: October 22nd, 2010

For info and submissions contact:

Feel free to send in ideas/proposals and ask for feedback!

4. call for submissions - Substance: on addiction and recovery

Substance: On Addiction and Recovery is a collection of peoples’ experiences with addiction and recovery in radical and/or marginalized communities. Not just a text to break the silence, Substance is an opportunity for those affected by substance abuse to make meaning of our lives and create opportunities for lasting social change. Substance: On Addiction and Recovery will be a book that transcends the mainstream discourse regarding addiction and recovery and forges new pathways towards healing and the reclamation of our lives.

I am open to essays, poetry, personal narratives, photography, art, comics, collage, and more.

Please be in touch with questions and submission ideas: substancebook at gmail dot com!

Potential topics:
• personal narratives of addiction and/or recovery • support groups • radical sobriety • harm reduction • silence and stigma • withdrawal and detoxification • the intersections of race/class/sexual orientation/gender identity/disability status and addiction • creating and sustaining community support networks • how addiction intersects with activism, sexuality, health, sexual and intimate partner violence, mental illness, privilege, oppression, identity, capitalism, the state, work, and
creativity • current or historic examples of community-based groups that focus on the politics of addiction or support of community members • healing from addiction • self-medication • overdose and death • incarceration and criminalization •

In addition to pieces by individuals, I'd like to include a few pieces about the work that community-based groups have done to address the politics of addiction and recovery and to support those dealing with substance abuse. If you are a member of such a group, please feel free to write.


Additionally, if you know anyone who would like to donate funds of any amount to support the printing of this book, please have them contact substancebook at gmail dot com!

Please forward this message on, and spread the word!

5. Graduating into Unemployment
We’re creating a zine collecting art and writings on feelings, struggles, copings with adjusting from student life into unemployment, or into unstable employment (i.e. being in and out of work, or on
temping contracts).

Submissions can be personal stories, artwork, comics, poetry, political discussions, or whatever else you can manage to get on paper.

We would like to encourage submissions on topics that relate to identity, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship, colonisation, ethnicity, and dis/ability. Submissions should be no longer than around 1000 words.
Anonymous entries are welcome.

Submission deadline: 30 NOVEMBER 2010
Send your submissions, questions, and thoughts to

6. Rare and Raw Exhibition:

7. Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives First Person Narrative Project:

8. The Molotov Rag:

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