Tuesday, July 20, 2010

May 27, 2010: New Mentalities Magazine, an interview with Breila and James. "Write how you feel. Write what you want." (Breila)

Richard Laviolette guest hosted this show today. He played the interview I did earlier n the week with Breila and James, talking about New Mentalities Magazine.

New Mentalities Guelph is a youth based mental health/illness focused magazine. No one is censored. Everyone is welcome. The magazine is full of fresh illustrations, art, poetry, rants, letters, and information based articles.

Breila talked about how the magazine got started here in Guelph. She was involved in the founding of New Mentalities Guelph. Breaks through stigma of mental illnesses. the power of art, strategizing survival.

New Mentalilites is always looking submissions! Consider submitting to the magazine!

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  1. how can i listen to this show now? it sounds really interesting!