Monday, July 19, 2010

May 20, 2010: Jeff Miller! Ghost PIne! All Stories True! (punkrock and grandparents)

Jeff Miller is my newest friend inspiration. When we talked about writing as a practise in this interview, it made me want to wake up every morning (i'm a morning person, Jeff's the opposite), sit in my kitchen under the ceiling fan and write for an hour before beginning my day.

Jeff's this lovely guy who's been writing his zine series for over 10 years. I admire that commitment and craft, and his nostalgic, impressive storytelling skill. Touching. Easy. His book of a compilation of his stories has just come out! So exciting! Its called All Stories True, published by Invisible Press.

Jeff Miller is the real deal. He didn't sort his work chronologically, he sorted it by theme, when he put it in his book. I like that. he's a great writer, a great documentor of his community, and he tells it hilarious

Check out Jeff's Website:

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