Tuesday, July 20, 2010

June 3, 2010: Ross Stuart! The Resophonic Uke Builder! Amazing!

You know how sometimes there are things you can't write about yet because you still feel awed or overwhelmed or two sad or you just can't figure out what to say?

Thats how I feel right now about meeting Ross Stuart and interviewing him about his resophonic ukeleles that he builds.I'm not fully sure how to write about meeting him yet. I'm going to try, because this blog post is overdue and I'll do my very best.

I'm so glad Ross Stuart exists. You need to hear the interview to hear Ross play his ukes, and define resophonic ukeleles. theres no way for me to reproduce that hear for you in this blog post. you've just got to hear the interview.

I'm so glad I was given his card many many months ago, and then one day I decided to email him, and he met me at The Common in Toronto, after I had asked every male bodied person in the place if his name was Ross. (They all said no) Ross walked in there, carrying a silver coloured, alumininum homemade Uke in his hand. We didn't buy any coffee. He walked in, and pointed at me with the uke, and said, "Sarah". We walked down the street to his house, and he showed me all his cool stuff in his backyard workspace.

I play the uke. And I love the Uke. and when went to art school, I welded metal death squirrels. I tell you that fact to explain that I love the smell of welded aluminum. and i love Ross's enthusiasm. He just goes for things. He just builds things. But i mean, it seems like he just goes for things, but its not like he does these things fast or impulsively. He also invests in building these things, and he does a really amazing job. So far he has devoted four years, to building resophonic ukeleles.

I'm proud of this interview because it really captures the sounds in his studio, the wind and the airplanes. I just followed Ross around in his backyard studio while he showed me all his tools and all these versions of ukeleles he made.

Before Ross built Resohonic ukes, he built canoes. but canoes are dangerous. You'll have to listen to the interview to hear more of Ross's feelings about the danger of canoes.

Please oh please! Visit Ross's Blog! http://rosbiltukulele.blogspot.com

and check out the store that hosts his ukes! Ransack the Universe! http://www.ransacktheuniverse.com/blog

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