Wednesday, December 23, 2009

november 26 2009: See-through Rainbow Bugs Everyone Can Make! The Spectra Focus!

Paul Winstanley invented the Spectra Focus over 25 years ago on the west coast. The Spectra Focus uses a crystal and sunlight, or a light bulb with metallic surfaces such as mirrors, metallic mylar, metal cooking bowls and other things to project magic rainbow membrane 3-D shapes on a wall, ceiling, floor, outside of house, or whatever.

Paul has brought the Spectra focus to schools, festivals, concerts, science fairs, and people's homes. Its a moving, interactive, all ages animation project.

In this interview Paul and I discuss the history of the Spectra Focus, and his interest in creating experiences where people feel like they are seeing something they have never seen before, and they appreciate humanity and the beauty that nature brings us. Paul talks about studying perception and alternating states of consciousness.

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