Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 3, 2009: Danielle Dyson! Quilts, Films, and Family

Danielle Dyson lives in Guelph, and works as a cinematographer. She collaborated with the work of her son, Taj Dyson, and her mother Sheila Dyson to put together Home Again, an interactive installation at Ed Video.

Home Again features Quilts by Shelia, Animation by Taj, family heirlooms, Films by Danielle and sticks, dirt, snow, and bark.

In this interview, Danielle walked me through the space, telling me the history of various family objects, describing the films that were going to play, projected on quilts. Danielle's films in this piece are memories, dreams, evoking childhood, adulthood, seasons, life and death.

Danielle wants to break boundaries of how quilts are presented. I think she successeds.

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