Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 17 2009, and January 7 2010: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore (Part One and Two)

(photo by Chris Hammett)

Mattilda . Many Ways to Sleep Badly. Writing about decay, and politics, and community. Writing about sex work, sex, and roaches.

How do I write about this interview when all I want to do is gush, and fall off my chair? This interview was done on Dec. 16 2009, and aired in two parts: on Dec. 17 2009, and Jan. 7 2010.

Part 1: Mattilda starts by reading an excerpt from So Many Ways to Sleep Badly (published by City Lights). There is something dynamic and important in hearing Mattilda's voice to read the words. Stories loop back on themselves. We get to know people slowly and all over the place. It feels real life, even though this book is very different from my life. Hyper real. Referencing the BBC and NPR. Irony, humor, politics.

We also talk about Mattilda's writing process for this book.

Political decay. Decay inside the apartment.Chronic pain, sex and tricks. Politics, and activism. Relationships, and friendships.
putting it all in the same place. leveling the playing field. Explaining Less. Writing about music, and dreaming, roaches, rats,parks and pigeons.

Part 2: Mattilda talks about what it means for her to write about sex work, and sex in general and highlights some of her reccomendations for other authors who write about sex work, Carol Queen and David Wojnarowicz among them.

We finish the interview by talking about the value and pitfall of The International Day to End Violence Against sex work.

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore was generous, passionate and so so so insightful in this interview. It. Was. So. Great!

Read her books. Check out her website.

Contact me for a copy of this interview.

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