Monday, April 26, 2010

April 8 2010: Remy Huberdeau

Remy Huberdeau. The Documentarian. The author of cinema.
Remy is an AWESOME sweetheart friend who i am so happy did this interview

You should really just listen to the radio interview, instead of reading this blog, but for an enticing peek at what we discussed,
Here is a list of things me and Remy talked about during this interview:

1. The different cultures around documentary production in English Canada and in French Canada

2. What consists of a documentary on television

3. Believing in two sides of a story as if objectivity is possible.

4. When the goal and starting point is subjectivity.

5. what happens when your truth and history is not recorded.

6. Remy's film of the letter to his father, of being a transperson. french canadian white settlers in an aboriginal continent.

7. Father figure , and father figure as metaphor for the patriarchy nationstate. Dad as also patriarchal father figure of the country

8. Writing yourself into history. family history. colonial history. your role in a family

9. Showing images and making links interacting on different levels

10. History finding life in people. history living in people. Emotional layers of history stored in our body

11. On television: if you talk about a banana, you show a banana

12. Collaboration

13. Sharing work that you have done with others. Integrating feedback into the work

14. Open yourself up to that vulnerability

15. Making videos on youtube.

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