Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 1 2010: Jeff Woods! Trepid House!

Jeff Woods lives at Trepid house in Waterloo and he's recently been taking a couple of courses at the University of Guelph. I know Jeff from playing house shows at his house... and eating pancakes and burgers and blueberries in his kitchen. Jeff helps me take breaks at work. He walks down the long hallway in the University Centre, and we get coffee or fancy juice and wander around. If you've worked an NGO office job, you know what I mean when i say I can go for days and days without taking breaks. Its not healthy or good, its just the way it is. And the radio station doesn't have any windows... and thats not good either. If Jeff doesn't show up, sometimes its way harder to take breaks.

Sometimes we go to the little greenhouse next to the University Centre.

So. all this to say during our mini 15 minute break hang-outs, i've got to hang out with Jeff a bunch, and got to hear in bits pieces ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENS AT TREPID HOUSE. ITS A LOT. So, of course this was the perfect thing to do an episode of These Things That People Make. Trepid house hosts Trepid Arts Collective, the house itself is a House show DIY venue, CARL ,DIY film festival, attic Gallery Space and Trepid Records

In this interview, Jeff gives us an audio tour of the house, he talk about what kind of collective they are, the fish tank window, kitchen, show space, costumes, vests,Waterloo, the pirate room and all their future plans. They've been hosting house shows since 2005.

i'm sure i'll have Jeff on the show again to talk more specifically to talk about upcoming festivals, and projects coming out of Trepid house, and also Jeff's ceramic people/puppets... but for now, we've had this lovely over-arching rambling interview where i seemed to ask many questions at once, and Jeff didn't seem to mind.

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