Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11 2010: In/visible Unicorn!

This episode of These Things that People Make played little excerpts from In/visible Unicorn. Excerpts that act as tiny windows into this lovely event that took place at Buddies and Bad Times Theatre in Toronto on January 31, 2010 from 2pm to 5pm.

It was good to be at an afternoon show. Walking into a dark theatre in the middle of the day.

The Full line up from In/visible unicorn was Eli Clare, Onyinyechukwu (Onyii) Udegbe, Jorge Vallejos, Kenji Tokawa, Tara Michelle Ziniuk, Big Appetite, Griffin Epstein , GIMP Bootcamp.

The event was organized and hosted by Loree Erikson and Elisha Lim. It Advertised as: "An afternoon of performances exploring and exposing imaginations, bodies and representation."

My friend Lizzy called In/visible Unicorn to it as "a celebration of disability culture". I'm not totally sure what disability culture means to those around me but I am excited to talk about this more.

Featured on these things that people make, were Griffin Epstein Kenji Tokawa, and Eli Claire.Just little excerpts.

I felt like the event was an introduction to a lot of rad people's work. I would love to see it stretched out and filled in as a regular show series.

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