Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 16, 2011: Coco Riot!! So Good!

Coco Riot is a tough, smart, and charming organizer and artist who is currently based in Montreal. Coco's work often deals with issues related to gender, and migration, racism, and queerness (and lots of other stuff). Coco started making comics when they had read all the comics they could find.

Coco and I have met, as friendly acquaintances through all sorts of mutual friends and community events in Montreal, Halifax and Toronto, but rarely have Coco had the opportunity to have good in-depth conversations.

This is a great conversation I am so excited to share with you. We talked mostly about two of Coco's newest projects, Llueven Queers and This is About Having an Accent.

To hear the interview, post this address in your browser:

Check out Coco's work, at

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