Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June 2, 2011: Shameless Mag Turns 7! An interview with Sheila Sampath

Sheila Sampath is the Art Director and Editorial Director of Shameless Magazine. She also plays in Betty Burke, and runs the Social Justice Design Company, The Public.

I met Sheila last Saturday because Betty Burke was playing a show with my band, Sarah Mangle Buys a Bear along with this other badass band called Rackula in Hamilton. It was a Sascha Fundraiser at This Ain't Hollywood. Sheila plays the piano, and the guitar, and if my memory serves me correctly, she also plays the uke (like me).

I first learned about Shameless magazine 8 years ago, before it existed. At the time I was working for POWERCamp National (now known as the Girls Action Network), a young women's feminist organization, and we met up at Pharmacie Esperanza.

Shameless magazine runs on No Budget. They just adopted, a new, more politicized focus. Sheila plays the piano and is an amazing talker and thinker. This interview is very good. You should just listen to it. Enough said.

Sheila is my new friend.

Check out the interview by pasting this link into your brower:

And check out Shameless online: http://www.shamelessmag.com/

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