Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 8, 2010: Matthew Amos Philographer Extrordinaire!

A Philographer is a person who collects autographs. Matthew is hard working, charming and sincere philographer.

If he likes someone, he writes to them and asks for their autograph. He writes people by mail, and email and then he waits to see if he'll hear back from them.

He's been collecting autographs for 10 years, and has collected over 1300 of them.

Recently his over 1300 autographs were on display at Ed Video, 40 Baker St. in Guelph From July 9 - July 23, 2010.

My favorite part of the inteview is when Matthew Amos pretends I'm famous and asks for my interview. I love this part of the interview for the generosity in his voice that is overwhelmingly admirable. Listen to this interview to see what I mean.

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