Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct 22: Andrew Hood: writing like a girl

Okay, so before i begin this entry, I want to say a BIG APPOLOGY for not keeping up with this blog. now shows have gone past that are not included here! ah! there were a lot of fantastic shows that are not documented here.

one day. one day i will get to them. but for now, i need to get to what has happend recently. sometimes thats the best place to start.

Andrew Hood and I both live in Guelph. Andrew is a fantastic short story writer who is also really great to interview.

Andrew Hood and I talked about what it means for him to write stories from the "female perspective." We talk about how to write a story that is queer enough to count. We talk about writing unlikeable characters, and reading them. And finding them more interesting.

Andrew made some good author reccomendations.... and we also talk about how white folks still love to collect other cultures, and sometimes that means novels from other places.

Its a good interview! ask me for a copy, or find it on our archives for the next 6 weeks. or buy Andrews new book: Pardon our Monsters!

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