Wednesday, December 23, 2009

November 12: Simon Strikeback: Where kink and radical politics meet.

Simon Strikeback is someone I want to get to know better. He is inspiring and does all sort of rad projects i want to sit next to, and spend time with.

I originally asked Simon to do an interview about the zine series: Bound To Struggle (that Simon edits). Bound to Struggle is a collection of essays, poems, art, and short stories that approach the topic of radical politics and kink. How our communities overlap, and how we bring these different parts of ourselves to bed, to school, to work, to the streets.

We started off by talking about Bound to Struggle in the interview. We talked about all the different things we love about the zine. We talked about Simon's experience of being an activist, and academic, and someone who loves kink. We talked about what is means for the zine to get submissions from all over the world, and be distroed in all sorts of places, and we talked about play, and playing, and the value of play in politics and kink.

We also talked about Riot Acts, a Transfabulous Rockumentary a film that debued on November 12, 2009.

And we talked about Camp Trans and the Michigan Womyn's festival, and shifts that have (maybe?) taken place recently, so that trans women are welcome at the Michigan Womyn's Festival.

Simon currently lives and works in Chicago. He plays ukulele in a trans folk punk band called Actor Slash Model. You can find out about his band, Riot Acts, and other projects, by

email me to get a copy of this interview! its worth it:

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